What is MASS Alexandria?

Discussion with Bruce Ferguson, curator, Dean of HUSS at AUC and Klaus vom Bruch, artist and media professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

MASS Alexandria offers short programs to supplement existing art education. It focuses on nurturing conceptual and critical thinking towards artistic production. MASS Alexandria is the manifestation of Alexandria-based artist Wael Shawky‘s aspiration to create a space for art practice, learning, opportunities and new encounters, fostering new generations of artists, in the East Alexandrian neighborhood of Miami.

A combination of workshops, seminars, lectures and tutorials are led by artists, art educators, historians and curators. With an emphasis on contemporary art practice, through the programs we encourage students to work closely with cultural, artistic and scientific ideas, thinking about art laterally and across disciplines.

Twelve new candidates are admitted into each program (7 months), with the possibility of extension. Interested applicants should wait for the upcoming open call in September 2011.

MASS Alexandria ran its Pilot Studio Program from October 2010 until May 2011. The upcoming Program 1, will include four practice-based workshops with artists, two theoretical seminars with visiting curators/art historians, in addition to one-on-one tutorials with artists and curators and a collaborative research project. LEAP will be developed over the course of Program 1, a reading/writing workshop for Learning English for Artistic Practices. Program 1 will include one study trip (4-6 weeks) and an internship. Participants will be required to show work in context of an end of program exhibition as well as to present the outcome of their research.


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