MASS Alexandria: Exhibition 1

At the end of the MASS Alexandria Pilot Studio and Study Program 2010/11, 12 artists took part in a three-day group show, Exhibition 1, in May 2011.

Amna Badawy

Untitled series, Collage 2010-2011 Mixed media

Vignettes crafted from simple consumable materials are used a means of exploring social consumption through the repetitive act of making things. Expensive materials are unnecessary to produce art because abstract art is found in our lived surrounding more than in nature. The work performs this by mixing different materials from everyday life like gift-wrapping paper and chocolate packaging.

Amna Badawy (b.1992) is a first year student in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Alexandria.

Eman Ebrahim

The Units, 2011, Photographic installation

The antagonistic relationship between structure and chaos is depicted by using documentary photography of destroyed building to communicate the impact it, the people, and their history have on each other through notational red marks by the artist.

Eman Ebrahim (b.1990) is an artist studying Fine Art at the University of Alexandria, Egypt.

Eman Hamdy

Self Exposing, 2011, Two videos (color, sound) 4:52 min, self-portrait molded sculpture and photos

The work, performed by the artist herself, is about emotional affect. It is a subtle biographical exposure of the artist. The short video allows the viewers to enter it, suggesting a procedure of self-exploration, and the constructed relationships to identity, decision and beliefs.

Eman Hamdy (b.1986) graduated in 2010 from the painting department in the Faculty of Fine Art, Alexandria University.

Farida Refaat

Installation, 2011, Sand, mirrors and glasses

The installation is a conversation between the reflections of people in its mirrors. They are having drinks, sitting on the beach, and these are the drinks they take. The installation shows that cheap materials or recycling can be used for art as it doesn’t need expensive things.

Farida Raafat (b.1998) lives in Alexandria, Egypt. She is in the first grade of middle school, and the youngest participant in the program.

Faten Eldisoky

Installation, 2010, Salon furniture and tree branches; Vitrine, 2011, Mixed media; No Air, 2011 Chandelier and low ceiling; Self-portrait, 2011, mud, metal, strings

The work is an investigation into the origin of elements that exist as objects, which act as symbolic references to specific classes of society. These elements and objects are analyzed, and their assets are studied. The works are suggestive, poetic interpretations rather than literal translations of this investigation.

Faten Eldisoky (b.1984) is an artist, she graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Alexandria in 2006.

Islam Hassan

Political Propaganda, 2011 Video (Color, Sound) 8:00 min.

“Political Propaganda” is a video work, mixing some of political history scenes and a collage of presumptive context as an imaginary speech. The video quotes Egyptian author Mohamed Kamel Hussein novel “City of Wrong”, with the based relationship between individual and group, group and regime, evoked in a more philosophical notions of human nature.

Islam Hassan (b.1985) is a visual artist. He studied Fine Art at Helwan University in 2008.

Khaled Galal

Ornament Banners, 2011.

The banners are hung across the wall in order to ornamentally exhibit the Egyptian police. The Egyptian Central Security Force is a governmental tool that takes orders restricted by pre-defined movements and lacks control over their actions. The work uses members of the force in an ornamental form to represent how their theoretical role as protector has devolved into an infinite number of unaware pawns.

Untitled, 2011 Installation of photo, book, and documentary video, 3:12 min.

The artist’s main concern is to compile documentary elements and display them in the simplest way in order for the viewer to find their own connection between the elements. Each element represents a critical moment in the artist’s own history and the greater history of Egypt.

Khaled Galal (b.1984) is an artist. He studied at Alexandria University, Faculty of Fine Art, Painting department in 2005.

Salma Badawy

Government Project – Egypt, 2011 Photograph, acrylic on canvas, plastic, video 2:41 min

The work researches and archives the sociological characteristics of Egyptian government employees by administering a color test taken from Chromatherapy founded by Avicenna circa 1025. The artist speaks with the subject while also photographing them and then builds a small sculptural shape representing their character, painted in the prescribed color.

Salma Badawy (b.1989), is an artist in her last year at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Alexandria.

Sarah Samy


SPACE(SCAPE), projections, 2011

‘’ is an online site that explores the concept of intimacy and its expression through the internet. Such intimacy can arise between humans and the internet -as a network-, independent of the content viewed but instead due to the experience of surfing itself, the act of traveling around virtual landscapes.

Sarah Samy (b. 1992) is an artist, based in Alexandria, Egypt. She is currently a student at the Faculty of Engineering, Chemistry department.

Samar Elbarawy


Untitled, 2010- 2011, 300x200cm oil painting on canvas and performance.

The work is an exploration of how tradition is both protective, and simultaneously abusive of women in contemporary Egypt. The series of oil paintings consider gender issues through a biographical depiction of the artist as a symbol for the fractured identities of Egyptian women combines with historic female artists.

Samar Elbarawy (b.1985) is an artist; she obtained her degree in Painting from the department of Fine Art at the University of Alexandria in 2008.

Walid Elsawi

The BBC is a BBC, 2011 55x312cm black panel with white text.

NO MORE BLOOD – NOT TO REBEL NOT TO REBEL, 2011, Diptych, 60 x 80cm framed

The work consists of two identical framed white panels with two different texts. The first carries a pierced sanity napkin, the other is plain.

Walid Elsawi (b. 1987) is an artist; he graduated from the Fine Arts at the University of Alexandria in 2010.


MASS Alexandria: Exhibition 1 was generously supported by:

Foundation for the Arts Initiative

Young Arab Theater Fund

Goethe Institute, Alexandria


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